How to wear an Ankle Foot Orthoses

Rwap AFO brace

Donning your AFO R-Wrap™

Step One: 

  • Look for the top front of your R-Wrap: this will be called the opening.
  • Attach the straps (1) backwards out of the way by fastening the fuzzy Velcro to the hook Velcro.
  • Attach the inner shell strap (2) by fastening the fuzzy Velcro to the hook Velcro on the same side (There is a small tab of hook Velcro where the fuzzy strap attaches to your R-Wrap.)
  • There is a small section of hook Velcro at the base of the bottom strap (3). Use this to secure the bottom strap out of your way.
  • Pull up your sock, making sure there are no wrinkles.

Step Two: Don the Inner Shell

  • Always keep the knee bent to 90 degrees; DO NOT don your R-Wrap with your knee straight.
  • Put the inner shell (2) on over your foot, making sure that the bottom edges (4) are under your foot. Be sure to allow time for your foot to relax.
  • Once the plastic is fit over the ankle, fasten the Velcro on the inner shell (5) at the back of your calf.

Step Three: Don the Outer Shell

  • With the inner shell on, lift your foot and place the outer shell opening (6) under the heel.
  • Slide the foot straight down to the footplate without stopping.
  • Fasten straps snugly before putting your shoe on.
  • You may need to use a shoe horn. Forcing the shoe on without one will increase pressure on your toes.

Tips for Better Performance

  • Straps should be snug to reduce friction between your leg and your R-Wrap
  • The shoe is vital for holding the foot in place in your R-Wrap. The small Velcro (7) is used only to hold your foot in place while you put your shoe on
  • Volume increase from weight gain, fluid retention, or swelling can cause pressure at the ankle area. That area will have increased redness of the skin from the pressure (the redness should not stay longer than four to five minutes). Adjustments can be made for permanent changes in size
  • Allow time for the foot to relax and settle in to your R-Wrap before tightening up the straps. Your R-Wrap should be comfortable over the bony areas of the ankle and foot.

Wearing and Caring For your  Rigid AFO

  1. The Rigid AFO can be distorted by heat, typically temperatures above 300o. Don’t leave your Rigid AFO in your car window or other heat prone places.
  2. Removing the insole of the shoe you wear your Rigid AFO in will improve fit.
  3. Monitor your weight. Body weight change of even ten pounds can affect the fit of your Rigid AFO.
  4. Wearing shoes with flat (less than ¼”) or high (greater than ½”) heels can affect your walking.
  5. If there is any discomfort wearing your Rigid AFO, please let us know right away. A simple adjustment will usually solve the problem.
  6. Always wear socks and smooth out wrinkles before donning your Rigid AFO.
  7. Wear socks that go above the top of the Rigid AFO. Old socks having worn heels may be cut at the heel so they extend above the Rigid AFO and protect the leg.
  8. Always wear a shoe for walking with your Rigid AFO, it’s quite slippery.
  9. If you find your Rigid AFO is uncomfortably warm or you’re perspiring excessively you may need more ventilation for your skin. Please let us know so we can make a simple modification to your Rigid AFO.
  10. If you experience an overall change in your health such as rapid weight gain or loss, please call your doctor.

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