We are here to help during your prosthesis journey.

We are committed to high quality patient care and service.

Quality patient care begins with communication. Prosthetics is a challenging, complicated, and nuanced field, and that is why every step of our process is devoted to ensuring the comfort and education of our patients. Our staff will work with the patient’s team of providers to resolve challenges that get in the way of you getting back to living your best life.

From healing, fitting and follow-up, we are actively engaged through every step of the patient process. Our bilingual practitioners are able to educate and assist our Spanish speaking patients in their native language which is very important for good communication during the education process. We are dedicated to improved patient outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction. Let us show you our commitment to your care, call to schedule a consultation today.

prosthetist George Villarrual
George Villaurrel, Prosthetics Director and CCS Paneled

CCS Paneled Practitioners

Our pediatric practitioners have seen and treated a wide range of needs. Our team experience is not limited to pediatrics, so as patients grow, they can smoothly transition into adult care. We want to create a relationship with you and your child that will create positive outcomes for years to come.

Arms, Hands
and Fingers

George Villaurrel with upper extremity patient Carol

Upper extremity prosthetics are a unique challenge. Finding a way to simulate or duplicate range of motion and activity with a bionic arm takes a commitment and we work directly with our patients and their care team to provide the most suitable type of prosthetic for comfort and their lifestyle. 

Our department head is an Upper Extremity Specialist. George has worked with myo-electric, hybrid as well as body powered componentry on all levels of prosthetic fitting including trans radial, trans humeral, shoulder disarticulation and interscapularthoracic patients.

Legs, Knees, Ankles, and Feet

Prosthetic legs should do more than simply keep you upright. From healing through fitting, our certified prosthetists are committed to your care and confidence. Our hope for you is that you’ll be able to maintain an active lifestyle in the way you want. Lower limb prosthetics don’t need to stop you from doing the activities you love.

Our in-house Cad/Cam Fabrication facility allows us to control quality and speed up turn-around time!

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Our Multidisciplinary Team Approach

  • Our team has the experience to help you through the process of obtaining proper insurance approvals. 
  • Your practitioner works directly with your care team to coordinate services during the treatment phase. 
  • We will be here to provide on-going patient education as you adapt to your device due through physical changes, prosthesis replacements, and upgrades.
  • We treat Veterans, Pediatric Patients and those with Limb Deficiencies

On your first visit you can expect:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Complete Insurance Paperwork
  • Schedule a return appointment to review your plan of care
  • Prosthetic patients need to work closely with their prosthetic care team to have success.

Every prosthetic service we provide is done in our own clinics.

  • We often provide prosthetic fittings for pre-existing sockets and limbs
  • If an artificial limb isn’t quite functioning as it should, our prosthesis adjustments are quick and easy
  • If your device is uncomfortable or worn out, we can help re-evaluate it and create a better solution

We have experience with some of the most difficult limb replacements

  • An ill-fitting prosthetic leg can cause skin irritation and even arthritis in long-term cases.
  • Poorly designed or ill-fitting artificial arms or prosthetic hands can get in the way of your day-to-day life, interrupt focus, and defeat the purpose of having a prosthetic in the first place.
  • We are committed to being more than a provider of prosthetics. We are a part of the development of innovative treatments because we want our patients to have satisfying, rewarding, comfortable lives with their prosthetic limbs. We take joy in delivering personalized patient care that results in a natural life.

We are confident in our ability to help you

From healing through fitting, we are actively engaged through every step of the process, from insurance paperwork through fitting and follow-up visits. The follow-up is so important because it is likely your device will need adjustments over time. You can find us in Sacramento, Pleasant Hill and the East Bay. Let us show you our commitment to your care, call to schedule a consultation today.

  • Certified prosthetists are trained to assess the needs of the user, determine appropriate treatment plans with your other doctors, take measurements for proper fit and make adjustments over the life of your prosthetic limb. 
  • Once you have a prescription from your doctor approved through insurance, our prosthetists determine the precise technical specifications of your prosthesis. 
  • Over multiple visits you learn how to prepare for your device, and, once it is fabricated we help you achieve the proper fit and learn how to use your prosthesis. 

Is your prosthesis comfortable to wear?

If your prosthesis is so uncomfortable you cannot bear weight on it, call us for a consultation – sometimes a small adjustment is all that is needed to achieve proper fit.

Our prosthetics director has many years of experience treating patients with unique conditions.

Do you have particular needs, or a unique condition?

At the center of our work ethic is our conviction that establishing a positive, trusting relationship with your prosthetist is crucial to the success of your care plan. We have answers to all your questions about your prosthetic limb, your care plan, and anything else to make your experience better.

The Evaluation Process

  1. We work with a team of rehabilitation physicians, neurologists and rehab therapists to assess patients’ strengths, deficits and cognitive ability to provide the best possible outcome.
  2. Help the patient find the prosthesis that is best suited for their needs, and assist with insurance paperwork and approval.
  3. Being very friendly and professional during patients’ extremely emotional and difficult time in the hospital and during the healing process, as usually it is a life changing accident or trauma that has put them there.
  4. Having a great team of technicians that fabricate the custom devices in-house. It is very important that the patient is fit with their device quickly while they’re still in the hospital to start gait training and muscle strengthening. This also gives the practitioner a chance to make any necessary adjustments before patients are discharged.
  5. We have a stellar administration staff who provide excellent practitioner support and communicate with patients’ families and the care team with administrative questions and concerns.
man standing in park wearing prosthetic leg
Collier-Laurence O&P

Are you ready for a prosthesis?

No question is too big, or too small. Our Certified Prosthetists are available for appointment at each of our three locations.