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Treating clubfoot and supporting families along the way

The job of the pediatric orthotist is to provide customized AFO boots that will need adjustments and replacements as the child grows. An experienced orthotist will educate the parents about daily care and what devices will be used, and how they can be customized. Consultation and direction from other care-team members is very important to provide proper patient care and the best possible chance for a successful outcome.

Clubfoot Treatment Explained

With our new fabrication department, we are well-equipped to customize afo’s for little feet! Check out the video below!

Pediatric Foot and Ankle Specialists

We are proud to be able to work with Dr. Mitzi Williams and Dr. Scott Kaiser who direct the Pediatric and Infant Foot Deformity Clinic at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland. Practitioner Brian Lee is also an integral part of these clinics which assist families in a setting where all the specialists are available for them to consult.

Dr. Williams is a nationally recognized expert in pediatric foot and ankle care and is an attending surgeon. With her colleague Dr. Matthew Dobbs, she was recently published in the McGlamry’s Foot and Ankle Surgical Textbook. She and her colleagues have also published two children’s books which share a child’s perspective about living with clubfoot and the surgical experience. These books have been incredibly helpful for parents when speaking with their children about clubfoot.

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