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Caring and Compassionate Practitioners

Patient evaluations, family education and continued care during your child’s developmental stages.

When your child is in need of specialized care, you are likely feeling overwhelmed. You hope to find a practitioner who will listen to your needs, and who has an understanding of your child’s potential abilities. As children grow and develop they will need new devices and their needs will change. We are here to support and educate you and your child along the way.

Experience in Prosthetics and Orthotics

Our pediatric practitioners have seen and treated a wide range of needs, specifically the challenge of congenital deficiencies. Our team experience is not limited to pediatrics, so as patients grow, they can smoothly transition into adult care. We want to create a relationship with you and your child that will create positive outcomes for years to come.

Our staff is trained to assess the needs of the user, follow appropriate treatment plans created with your care team, and determine the precise technical specifications of the prosthesis or orthosis needed during your child’s different growth stages.

Practitioner George Bio Quote: I believe that providing a prosthesis is just the beginning of my responsibilty as a prosthetic provider. I am also involved in the education adn follow up care of my patients.

George Villarruel,
CP, Director of Prosthetics, CCS Paneled

Pediatric prosthesis management, one growth spurt at a time.

All patients need to truly understand how to maximize the function of their prosthesis. When a parent is teaching their child, patient success will correlate to their understanding of how the prosthesis should be working and their ability to report back on questions and challenges. Children who find success using their new limb will gain the confidence they need to expand their life-long goals.

Patient Outcomes

Josue is very much like your average busy toddler, especially now that he can get up and go! He is adapting well to the changes, and Mom is thrilled that her child is happier and fitting in better on the playground. Being able to walk upright has given him a whole new perspective!

Custom AFO Information

Custom-Fitted AFO products

If your child needs a custom AFO, we can help. Products are made in our facility with the highest quality control measures. If you do not see the product you are looking for, contact our orthotist team.

Our unique line of ankle foot orthoses (AFO) products provide more comfort and have been proven by patients to be successful in reducing pain and improving lifestyles. These are custom fabricated for a precise fit.

We also carry a full line of custom-fitted AFOs: Solid AFO, Articulating & SMO.

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ACL/PCL Knee Braces

Custom-fitted knee braces

Our ACL/PCL/MCL & Patellafemoral line of orthoses can be ordered and sized for your child.

scoliosis patient care

Treating Scoliosis

Pediatric practitioners at all our locations have experience treating scoliosis. They are familiar with the different types of scoliosis.

More about TLSO

TLSO Bracing

Post-op and spinal stability support for patients of all ages.

Sports Injury Resources

You can learn more about specific sport injuries from foot pain to stress fractures with these resources.

ACL/PCL Knee Braces

Sports Bracing

Lower extremity tears and sprains are common issues with youth who play sports. Minor injuries can progress and take them out of the game if not addressed quickly. Braces are also used for added stability during game play. Our trained and certified pediatric practitioners are here to answer your questions.

You can learn more about specific sport injuries from foot pain to stress fractures with the resources below. Bookmark this page so you can come back to it later if needed.

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