Custom AFO Fabrication

We fabricate serial casts, Flexcast Preparatory AFOs, and R-wrap AFOs to help with spasticity management.

Designed with the patient in mind, our custom braces are designed to be easier to wear and much more comfortable. More comfort means patients are more likely to wear their brace as prescribed, which results in a much higher rate of success for the patient.


Custom Fabricated AFOs

3-d scanning, Cad/Cam, and 7-axis carver!

No Cut


Solid AFO

Our Custom-Engineered R-Wrap Gives Patient Results No Other Provider Can Duplicate

The 2-piece, polypropylene, R-Wrap AFO is used primarily for clients with upper motor neuron syndrome (UMNS) due to traumatic brain injury or cerebral vascular accident. These clients can also have other conditions such as foot drop and uncontrollable muscle spasms and have found the R-Wrap to be much more comfortable to wear than other braces.

After a referral from your doctor and an in-depth evaluation, our practitioners will determine and outline your choices for a custom AFO or a pre-fabricated product. Our certified practitioners specialize in providing the best possible service and developing custom orthotics for the most complex deformity cases and controlling anatomy instabilities.

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