practitioner Dennis Johnston

Dennis Johnston
BOCO, CPA Orthotist
& Assistant Prosthetist

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Dennis cares for patients of all ages

I specialize in care of disabled children and stroke patients, although I’m able to care for all upper and lower extremity and spinal issues.

  • Specializing in Proprietary R-Wrap™ AFO’s since 2003
  • Expert in Spasticity Management
  • CCS Paneled


  • Board for Orthotist/Prosthetist Certification, Inc. B.O.C.O., C51588
  • American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. C.P.O.A 0318
  • Truform OTC Prosthetics and Orthotics, Orthotic fitter
  • Certified TheraTog fitter level 1

Ten plus years ago I stepped foot into what would later become my career. My career started as a technician fabricating Prosthetics and Orthotics. After a few years of fabricating, I realized I wanted more. I asked to sit in during patient care with founder John Russell, CPO, and came to the realization that this could be my life career. It was very gratifying to produce and deliver a brace that was comfortable and functioned well for the patient. I very much enjoyed talking with our patients one on one.

In the beginning, I worked with Founder John Russell, CPO, for ten years. I learned how to cast, modify and fit hypertonic and spastic patients with great outcomes. I also had the opportunity acquire the skills to help manage heel cord contractures and range loss, by using a technique called “Flex Casting”. Flex Casting is a method used by many but perfected by John Russell, its a series of casting which puts a small comfortable stretch on the affected area. Over time Flex Casting has been proven to be more effective and patients gain more range after a series of casts. Flex Casting also helps prepare the foot and ankle for application the proprietary R-wrap AFO.

A few years after starting in tech work with minimal patient care I decided to become a Board Certified Orthotist. After completing the course work to become accepted into the Board of Certification program, I dedicated myself, and with guidance from various colleges, I became a Certified Orthotist. I am proud to say I fulfilled a goal set for myself years ago.

I am a husband, and father to four girls and one boy. When I’m away from the office you will most likely find me fishing, riding dirt bikes and trying to keep up with the children. This has been a very rewarding career and I look forward to serving your needs.